On the Issues


As a nation, we make a promise to support and care for our servicemembers, veterans, and military family members. As the son and brother of veterans, Martin is committed to doing everything he can to make sure we fulfill our promises.

Martin works tirelessly to hold the VA accountable and ensure that every veteran receives the benefits and care they deserve, especially our veterans living in rural areas. That’s why he ensured Alamogordo veterans could travel to El Paso’s VA for care.

In New Mexico, Martin fought for the expansion of Santa Fe’s community-based outpatient clinic and for a new VA clinic in Gallup, and is urging the VA to address staffing needs across our state.

Each and every day, Martin fights for those who fought for us, by sticking up for them against Washington’s bureaucracy and making sure we keep our promises.

Martin has:

  • Passed the Veterans Choice Act, allowing more veterans to receive care in their communities, instead of traveling hours to the nearest VA
  • Strengthened veterans’ education benefits and allowed veterans and their children to pay in-state tuition no matter where in the country they lived
  • Worked across the aisle to address the shameful VA claims backlog, modernized the appeals process, and improved accountability at the VA
  • Helped expand community-based outpatient clinics for veterans around the state, including in Gallup, Raton, and Santa Fe
  • Led the fight to ensure veterans’ children could remain on their parents’ plan until age 26