On The Issues

Mental Health & Addiction

Prioritizing Recovery and Support

Martin recognizes the importance of mental health care and the profound impact of addiction on individuals, families, and communities across New Mexico. He is committed to ensuring that New Mexicans have access to quality, affordable mental health care when they need it, within their home communities, and without stigma. He is also working to help those struggling with substance use, to ensure they have access to the support and resources they need to recover and thrive.

How Martin Has Delivered for New Mexicans:

  • Expanded access to addiction treatment medicines. Martin led efforts to make opioid addiction treatment medicines like buprenorphine more readily available, providing individuals with essential, proven tools for their recovery.
  • Secured funding to fight the opioid epidemic. Martin secured millions of dollars in federal funding to combat the opioid epidemic and substance abuse, supporting prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts across New Mexico.
  • Expanded mental health care throughout New Mexico. Martin negotiated and passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which made significant investments in child, family, and community mental health, enhancing support systems and services for those affected by mental illness and addiction. He has also delivered major federal investments to increase and expand quality mental health care for youth and adults, from Las Cruces to Gallup. 
  • Introduced legislation to grow the mental health workforce. Martin introduced legislation to increase the size of the mental health workforce and help community health centers recruit bilingual mental health providers, ensuring that individuals have access to culturally competent care.
  • Cracked down on the fentanyl supply chain. Martin passed legislation to crack down on the fentanyl supply chain by targeting the financial assets of Chinese chemical suppliers and Mexican cartels, disrupting the flow of deadly drugs into our communities.
  • Secured resources for New Mexico law enforcement. Martin secured resources to help New Mexico law enforcement identify drugs such as fentanyl, supporting efforts to combat drug trafficking and prevent substance abuse-related crimes. He’s also secured funding for local efforts that ensure those in mental health crisis receive the emergency response they need.