On the Issues


Our current immigration system is broken.

Martin knows we need real, comprehensive immigration reform, including a visa system that addresses our economic needs, an earned and fair path to citizenship, and smart investments in security. We should be welcoming the best and brightest, not wasting resources unfairly tearing apart families. Those dollars should be spent going after violent and repeat offenders.

Immigration reform must also protect our Dreamers – undocumented immigrants brought here as children through no fault of their own and who don’t know how to be anything but American. This is their home and they deserve a permanent solution to allow them to stay.

What we don’t need is a border wall that our border communities do not want, or an un-American ban on immigrants based on their religion. While Martin supports rigorous safety screenings, he also believes that America is not a country that turns its back on innocent victims of terrorism, allies who risked their lives for our service members or those who simply want a better life for their families.

Martin will continue to fight for New Mexico’s rich diversity and to uphold our proud legacy of embracing immigrant communities that contribute to our culture and economy.

Martin has:

  • Implored the Trump administration to urge ICE to focus its limited resources on violent criminals – not law-abiding immigrants
  • Successfully pressed the Trump administration to let Dreamers’ whose DACA applications were mishandled to reapply
  • Extended the hours at Santa Teresa’s Port of Entry to make it more competitive with El Paso
  • Increased funding for the National Guard’s counterdrug program and secured more resources in New Mexico’s Bootheel
  • Urged then-President Obama to pardon all Dreamers before he left office