On the Issues


Improving Border Security, Immigration Pathways, and Trade

Martin knows our immigration system is broken. That’s why he is committed to fighting for immigration reform that improves our border security and enforcement while also creating a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers, a more efficient visa system, a reformed process for those legitimately seeking asylum, and a tough but fair path to residency for those who follow the law, pass background checks, and pay taxes. With Mexico as our largest trade partner, Martin is also committed to growing the economic opportunities for our border communities.

How Martin Has Delivered for New Mexicans:

  • Supported comprehensive immigration reform and improving border security. Martin has repeatedly voted for bipartisan legislation aimed at securing our border, fixing our broken immigration system, and providing DREAMers with a pathway to citizenship. 
  • Invested in growing New Mexico’s international trade. Martin secured millions of dollars in investments for Santa Teresa’s Port of Entry and extended its operating hours to enhance competitiveness with neighboring El Paso. His leadership recently led to a proposal to more-than-triple trade through the Port, bringing a new magnitude of economic opportunity into view.  
  • Criminalized firearm trafficking into Mexico. Martin negotiated and passed legislation to criminalize firearm trafficking into Mexico, addressing the root causes of crime and violence that drive individuals to seek safety in America.
  • Increased efforts to stop drugs from being trafficked into the United States. Martin advocated for increased funding for the National Guard’s counterdrug program and secured additional resources in New Mexico’s Bootheel region. He also secured equipment and significant federal funding to improve technology to block drug trafficking across New Mexico’s southern border. 
  • Funded and stood up the Southwest Border Regional Commission. Martin nominated the Southwest Border Regional Commission’s first Federal Co-Chair and secured the first-ever funding for the Commission, which is charged with boosting economic growth and development in southwest border communities.