On the Issues

Foreign Policy

The United States should stand as a beacon for democracy, freedom, and human rights.

The Trump administration is threatening our country’s role as a leader in world affairs by saber rattling, bungling our relationship with allies, and embracing our adversaries. The president is promoting an isolationist world view and turning his back on the values that make us American, unraveling our moral standing in real time.

That’s why Martin stands for a return to smart foreign policy – that emphasizes diplomacy and working with our allies – not rash threats issued over Twitter. We must recommit to working with multinational organizations like the UN and NATO to counteract worldwide threats from countries like North Korea and Russia. And our foreign policy must emphasize protecting civil and human rights at home and abroad because that is among our nation’s core values.

As a member of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Martin has a unique role in the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He has been sounding the alarm on Russia’s use of digital propaganda to divide Americans and has been outspoken for the need for a cyberwarfare doctrine for the next time Russia or any other country attacks us. Until we do, Martin is working to secure our country’s infrastructure, from our electric grid to our voting machines, against future cyberattacks.

Martin believes the United States must be thoughtful when deciding whether to go to war. There must be specific, achievable objectives if it does. While we should always be able to project a counter terrorism force wherever terrorist groups seek refuge, we cannot continue to be the de-facto security service for the rest of the world.

Rather than letting at-risk nations fall under control of terrorists or our advisories, Martin believes we must invest in foreign aid to help stabilize these areas, saving us significant defense spending down the road and creating goodwill among the citizens in these areas. Finally, Martin knows we must pay attention to the facts and act to combat climate change. If we do not, its effects will exacerbate resource conflicts and create millions of refugees around the world.