On the Issues


With a background in engineering and a father who was a utility lineman, Martin brings a unique voice to the Senate when debating issues of energy production and consumption.

Renewable technologies are critical to accommodating our country’s energy needs. Martin works each and every day to ensure New Mexico is positioned as one of the leaders in the growing clean energy economy, with a trained workforce ready to take on the oncoming jobs.

That’s why Martin secured funding for energy projects at New Mexico’s national labs, why he brokered a bipartisan deal to extend solar and wind investment and production tax credits, and why he worked to make it easier to approve wind, solar, and geothermal energy projects on public lands – projects that not only create good paying jobs, but bring revenues to New Mexico.

Martin understands the steps we need to take now to prepare our energy infrastructure for our carbon-free future. He is a recognized leader on energy storage, a game-changing technology that will make our power grid more resilient and efficient. Martin is also working to make it easier for New Mexico’s clean energy producers to export their energy to other states – otherwise, New Mexico’s renewable energy resources will be left untapped and undeveloped.

Martin has:

  • Delivered clean energy tax incentives driving a renewable energy boom, particularly in our rural communities
  • Fought for a major transmission line to sell New Mexico’s green energy out of state
  • Pushed for clean energy research at New Mexico’s national laboratories to create clean energy innovations
  • Convened a task force and landed a grant to create clean energy jobs in Southwestern New Mexico
  • Helped Albuquerque land renewable energy bonds to put solar panels on city buildings without cost to taxpayers
  • Launched a toolkit to help rural business, local governments, tribes and schools to go solar