On the Issues


Harnessing Our Energy Potential

With a background in engineering and a father who was a utility lineman, Martin brings a unique voice to the Senate when debating issues of energy production and consumption. Martin knows that New Mexico’s economic prosperity and environmental health are intertwined. By harnessing our state’s abundant natural resources and embracing clean energy technologies, we can create jobs, drive innovation, and combat climate change. Martin is dedicated to supporting policies that promote clean energy development, protect our environment, and strengthen our economy for future generations.

How Martin Has Delivered for New Mexicans:

  • Invested in clean energy manufacturing. Martin helped pass legislation that included the largest-ever investment in clean energy manufacturing, bringing new job opportunities to communities across New Mexico while addressing the urgent need to mitigate climate change.
  • Delivered clean energy tax incentives. Martin championed clean energy tax incentives that have spurred a renewable energy boom, particularly benefiting rural communities and diversifying our energy portfolio.
  • Created rebates for zero-emission home appliances. Martin supported initiatives to help families who choose to transition to zero-emission home appliances, ensuring equal access to energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Secured a major transmission line to export New Mexico’s green energy. After more than a decade of work, Martin secured a $8 billion transmission line and wind project to export New Mexico’s abundant green energy resources to neighboring states, unlocking new markets and economic opportunities.
  • Promoted clean energy research at New Mexico’s national laboratories. Martin pushed for increased investment in clean energy research at New Mexico’s national laboratories, driving innovation and advancing technologies to transition to a clean energy future.
  • Worked to streamline the transmission permitting process. Martin introduced legislation to streamline the transmission permitting process, facilitating the development of clean energy infrastructure and reducing bureaucratic barriers. By improving the transmission permitting process, Martin is working to unlock New Mexico’s ability to be a net exporter of clean energy, boosting our state’s economy.
  • Led the fight against natural gas waste. Martin led the fight to uphold a rule limiting natural gas waste, protecting air quality and ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayer-owned natural gas resources.