On the Issues


One of Martin’s top priorities in the Senate is creating opportunities for every New Mexican to succeed.

That begins with ensuring every New Mexico child has access to a quality education, whether they live in the center of town or a rural community.

Investing in early education has shown to be the most effective thing we can do to prepare our children to succeed. That’s why Martin has pushed state leaders to invest a portion of the permanent fund to make sure all New Mexico children get a head start.

Martin envisions a public education pipeline – one that carries students from early childhood education to college or technical schools – to fill the jobs of the future that are being created in New Mexico.

Martin believes this public education pipeline should be fully funded and should be shaped by local input. That’s why he fought for an education reform bill that required states to have teacher and parental input in education accountability plans.

Martin also believes every New Mexican should have the opportunity to continue their education, whether it’s a four-year degree, community college, or vocational training.  For a fraction of the $1.5 trillion hole the Republican special interest tax plan blew in the budget, we could provide tuition for every aspiring graduate for the next decade.

Martin’s parents did everything they could to ensure he had the opportunity to go to college.  Martin’s fighting to make sure all New Mexicans have that same opportunity. Higher education should not be a luxury; it should be an opportunity all New Mexicans can afford.

Martin has:

  • Passed year-round Pell Grants
  • Required parent and educator input on state education plans
  • Allowed states to opt-out of unnecessary standardized testing
  • Strengthened support for English as a second language students
  • Brought the labs and regional schools together to coordinate preparing students to work in the national labs
  • Saved the STARBASE afterschool program, designed to inspire students to study and work in STEM fields