On the Issues


Growing New Mexico’s economy is Martin’s number one priority.

Martin believes that every New Mexican who is willing to work – whether with their hands, on their feet, or behind a desk – deserves a good paying job where they can move up and get ahead. And he knows that creating those quality jobs starts with creating a fair playing field.

That’s why Martin has worked to close the gender pay gap, raise the federal minimum wage to $15, and ease the barriers to entry for New Mexicans to take risks and start new businesses.

Through a process called tech transfer, Martin has helped local businesses work with our national labs to develop new products and start successful homegrown companies.

Martin also knows that the best way to create jobs in New Mexico requires rebuilding our infrastructure and educating our workforce.

That’s why Martin has championed investments in renewable energy in New Mexico. By adding transmission capacity to export our clean energy to other states, it will create thousands of new jobs – especially in rural communities.

Martin brought together our national labs, universities, and community colleges to create a pipeline that trains our children for the jobs of the future and he made it easier for our labs to hire talented New Mexico graduates and contract locally.

Martin knows by building an economy that supports working families, small businesses, and rural communities, we can create opportunity in every part of New Mexico.

Martin has:

  • Delivered renewable energy tax incentives driving a clean energy boom across the state, including a 54 percent increase in solar jobs in a single year
  • Created public land protections helping fuel New Mexico’s $9.9 billion outdoor recreation industry and supporting 99,000 jobs
  • Generated more opportunities for small businesses to partner with New Mexico’s national labs
  • Streamlined permitting for public land energy producers
  • Made it easier to commercialize technology developed at our national labs
  • Saved Amtrak stops in Northern New Mexico
  • Extended hours at Santa Teresa’s Port of Entry to put it on a level playing field with El Paso
  • Ensured livestock producers affected by drought had access to disaster assistance funds
  • Secured job retraining benefits for laid-off miners
  • Fought every year to protect the nearly $38 million in PILT funding our local governments depend on for important public safety and infrastructure projects