On the Issues


Making Our Communities Safer

Every New Mexican deserves to feel safe in their community, and Martin is focused on continuing the work to make that a reality. That’s why he’s used every available tool to help law enforcement solve more crimes, increase the interventions that prevent crimes from ever happening, and deliver support to survivors. The safety and security of all New Mexicans is one of Martin’s top priorities and has been ever since he served as an Albuquerque City Councilor, where he passed laws making it harder to purchase ingredients used in meth, worked with convenience stores to improve their security, and cracked down on gang activity, including reducing graffiti across Albuquerque.

How Martin Has Delivered for New Mexicans:

  • Secured millions of dollars to solve more crimes and hold criminals accountable. Martin has successfully delivered crucial funding to enhance the capabilities of local law enforcement agencies. This financial support ensures that officers have the tools and training to solve more crimes and make New Mexico safer. That includes securing investments in advanced tools like machines that accelerate crime gun ballistics analysis and rapid DNA testing. 
  • Worked to improve nationwide policing standards. Understanding that rebuilding trust between police and communities is essential for effective law enforcement, Martin has supported comprehensive legislation aimed at enhancing policing standards across the country. These reforms focus on accountability, transparency, and community engagement, helping to bridge the gap between officers and the people they serve.
  • Led efforts to reduce gun violence. In the wake of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Martin helped negotiate and pass bipartisan legislation to reduce gun violence in America. In addition to enhancing background checks, delivering funding for mental health, and improving laws to protect victims of violence, Martin specifically negotiated language to increase the criminal penalties for those who help get guns into the wrong hands, known as ‘straw purchasers’. Martin also recognizes the continuous threat of mass shootings in America and successfully urged the federal government to outlaw bump stocks, a device used with semi-automatic weapons to maximize the speed and number of bullets fired. He now leads the effort to make that ban permanent, as well as legislation to ban ghost guns and limit the gas-operated semi-automatic guns used in mass shootings. 
  • Fought to get fentanyl out of our communities. Martin passed legislation to attack the flow of fentanyl before it reaches our borders, by creating tools to go after the foreign criminal networks that are manufacturing fentanyl for trafficking into the United States. He’s now leading the effort to permanently schedule fentanyl, giving law enforcement the tools they need to help get this dangerous drug out of our communities.
  • Criminalized firearm trafficking to Mexico. Martin has been at the forefront of addressing international crime and the root causes of migration. In 2022, he successfully criminalized the trafficking of firearms into Mexico, aiming to disrupt the flow of illegal weapons that contribute to violence in Mexico and the Northern Triangle. This legislation not only targets the source of many criminal activities but also reduces the factors that drive people to flee their homes in search of safety in America.
  • Secured millions for first responders, law enforcement. New Mexico’s fire fighters, paramedics, and police officers are first on the scene when New Mexicans are most in need. Martin is working to ensure they have the funding necessary for recruitment, retention, training, and equipment. That includes securing millions in federal funding and leading the effort to extend a key grant program that directly funds local first responders. 
  • Provided support for survivors of violent crime. Martin has delivered millions for local efforts to support and serve survivors of violent crime, from survivors of domestic violence to gun violence to child abuse. This funding has ensured New Mexicans can get the help they need to heal and recover.