On the Issues


Martin is doing everything he can to keep New Mexicans safe.

He also knows that New Mexico – especially Albuquerque – has a crime problem.

As an Albuquerque city councilor, Martin passed laws making it harder to purchase ingredients used in meth, worked with convenience stores to improve their security, and cracked down on gang activity in the city, including reducing graffiti across Albuquerque. In the Senate, Martin fights for funding to get more police officers on the streets.

But Martin knows this isn’t enough. A long-term solution to reducing crime in New Mexico requires reforming our criminal justice system. Martin supports a criminal justice system that prioritizes pursuing violent criminals over nonviolent offenders, and is working to reduce mandatory minimums for low-level drug offenders. Martin knows we must restore trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect. He’s called for an end to racial profiling, decried police brutality, and pushed for body camera use by law enforcement.

Only by strengthening community policing will we restore order and have the help we need to put the repeat offenders terrorizing our community behind bars.