On The Issues

Cost of Living

Reducing Costs and Holding Corporations Accountable

As the cost of living continues to rise, Martin is committed to easing the financial strain on New Mexican families and ensuring fairness in the marketplace. He recognizes the challenges everyday Americans face, from skyrocketing healthcare expenses to rent and utility bills that seem to climb higher each month. In the face of these challenges, Martin is dedicated to implementing policies that alleviate the financial burdens and promote economic stability. Martin knows that a key part of addressing the cost of living is holding corporations accountable for their actions. Whether it’s pharmaceutical companies charging sky-high prices for life-saving medications or energy companies profiting at the expense of consumers, Martin is unwavering in his efforts to push corporations to prioritize the well-being of their customers over their profits.

How Martin Has Delivered for New Mexicans:

  • Capped insulin costs and reduced prescription drug costs. Martin passed legislation that implemented a $35/month cap on insulin for Medicare enrollees and allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs, saving seniors money on prescriptions and saving taxpayers billions each year.
  • Reduced health care costs. In addition to prescription drug savings, Martin passed legislation that reduces health insurance premiums for roughly 40,000 New Mexicans. Martin also championed legislation repealing the tax on high-cost insurance plans that was hurting middle class health benefits.
  • Championed efforts to lower energy costs. Martin has been a vocal advocate for initiatives aimed at lowering energy costs for consumers. By creating a first-of-its-kind rebate program for efficient, electric home appliances and supporting policies that incentivize the build out of renewable energy sources, he is working to lower utility bills and reduce the financial burden on New Mexican families. That includes securing over $80 million to help New Mexicans lower their utility costs by transitioning to higher efficiency, electric home appliances.
  • Fought to bring down food costs. Martin recognizes the importance of ensuring that every child has the food they need to thrive. By fully funding infant and childhood nutrition programs, he has helped families stretch their dollars farther and reduce food insecurity for New Mexico’s infants and children. He has also pushed back against corporations that have put profits ahead of consumers and used inflation as a cover to hike prices and price gouge hard working Americans.
  • Worked to make housing more affordable. Martin believes every family deserves to live in a safe and stable home. That’s why he’s protected tenant assistance to help rural renters stay in their homes and worked to increase the number of housing options for New Mexicans, introducing and supporting legislation to build more homes, connect low-income renters to available homes, and make homes more affordable.
  • Secured funding to prevent grocery supply chain issues. Martin has secured critical funding to address grocery supply chain issues, ensuring that New Mexicans have access to affordable and reliable food on the grocery store shelves. By investing in infrastructure and logistics, he is helping to stabilize prices and prevent disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Fought back against corporate greed. Martin is pushing back on the corporate greed that’s driving inflation and making it harder for New Mexico families to make ends meet.  That includes releasing a report calling out “Greed-flation” and urging added federal oversight to make sure hardworking New Mexicans aren’t being exploited for corporate profits.