On the Issues

Bases & Labs

For the better part of a century, New Mexico has led the way in pushing the boundaries of technological innovation to keep our nation safe.

As new threats emerge and technology evolves, so must the missions of our military installations and labs. That’s why keeping New Mexico at the forefront of our nation’s advancements in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance is one of Martin’s top priorities.

Securing missions and investments for our labs and installations is not only critical to our national security, but it’s also a key driver of our state’s economy. Our military installations inject $3.1 billion into New Mexico’s economy and directly support nearly 25,000 jobs – not to mention the private sector jobs created by small businesses working with our military. These are good paying, high-tech jobs of the 21st century.

But in order to continue to create these kinds of jobs in New Mexico, Martin knows we must better educate our children and retrain our workforce. In the next few years, our national labs will have over 5,000 job openings – jobs that can and should be filled by New Mexicans. By developing new pathways and connecting community resources, Martin aims to generate future growth and sustainable futures for all of New Mexico’s vital contributions to our nation’s security, innovation, and prosperity.

Martin has:

  • Landed two new F-16 squadrons at Holloman Air Force Base
  • Saved Kirtland Air Force Base’s critically important Operationally Responsive Space Program
  • Brought millions of dollars back to Cannon Air Force Base for crucial infrastructure upgrades
  • Secured a new active duty mission at White Sands Missile Range
  • Landed multi-million dollar contracts for New Mexico-based businesses like Aquila to manufacture defense technology to keep our troops safe
  • Passed $200 million in spending in 2017 for directed energy research, a growing high-tech field being generated in New Mexico
  • Increased opportunities for New Mexico’s businesses to partner with the labs and for technology developed at the labs to be commercialized
  • Increased funding for Laboratory Directed Research and Development
  • Successfully pushed the Obama administration to increase funding for environmental cleanup at Los Alamos National Laboratory