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The son of an immigrant lineman and a factory worker, Martin Heinrich is a natural problem solver committed to helping others. Martin is working to build a safer and more prosperous New Mexico — there’s much more to do, but he won’t stop until every New Mexican is thriving.

His father Pete immigrated to America in the 1930s as a young boy. Just a few years later he joined the Navy and served in the Pacific where he would witness two of America’s nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. Later he entered the trades and became a IBEW lineman with the local utility company. Martin’s mother Shirley is the daughter of Idaho homesteaders and was a seamstress before later working in an automobile wheel factory. Neither of his parents have a college degree, but they both taught Martin that in America anything is possible if you work hard and play by the rules.

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Happiness is a warm tortilla from Charlie’s.
RT @robunm: @TeamHeinrich out today meeting with Democrats at our BBQ. Great support and energy for Democrats in Northern NM th…
Flipping burgers (and the Senate) in Las Vegas #BBQ
A fun thing to do with your weekend — after you vote, of course. #earlyvoting #nmpol #nmprimary
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